Body After Baby Journey Starts TODAY


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Over the past 10 plus years, I’ve had many Day 1’s.  I’ve started, restarted, started over, however you want to put it.  This time is different.  “Why is it different this time?” you ask.  My overall health and well being is no longer just about me.  I now have an incredible baby girl that is happy and healthy and I want to set a great example for her by being happy and healthy right along with her!  I want to show her what it is like to believe in yourself and be confident.

With that said, I start my biggest transformation ever today.  #BodyAfterBabyJourney is my hashtag that I will be using across social media (see my latest post on the left side of this site) as I share Continue reading

The Day My Life Changed


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July 18, 2018 is the day that my life changed forever.  That was the day that my daughter was born.  Today, for her one month birthday (no, we did not celebrate it or throw a party), I want to honor her with the story of my labor and delivery.  I shared a short version of this on Facebook but now, ready or not, here it is…complete with pictures!

My due date was Sunday July 15th.  I really hoped that she would arrive on that day so she could share a birthday with my great grandfather.  I had a doctor appointment on Thursday July 12th.  When she checked to see how dilated I was, she told me that I was 1 centimeter.  I was bummed because the week before I was sitting at Continue reading

My Mission: Body After Baby


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My daughter is almost one month old!  I can’t even believe it.  The time has flown by.  Don’t worry…coming soon is a post about my labor which will include pictures and all my baby girl’s birth stats.  I am now getting ready to start to focus on me and work hard to get myself into better shape than I was in prior to getting pregnant.  Since I am not cleared to workout or lift anything heavier than my daughter, I will start with the hardest part (that is hard for ALL people) and that is my nutrition.

In May, Beachbody released the first ever nutrition only program called 2B Mindset.  How awesome is that right?!  I read all the material and watched all the videos (there are over 40!) and I started implementing some of the principals but since I was pregnant and not wanting to lose weight, I didn’t jump all in.  Now that baby girl is here, I am ready to dive in!

When I found out I was pregnant, I had just taken my before weight and measurements for a new program and I weighed about 155lbs.  When I went to the doctor’s office the day before I was induced, I weighed in at  Continue reading

Quick and Easy Homemade Guacamole


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I love avocados.  A little salt and a sprinkle of lime juice and I’ll eat it right out of the skin with a spoon!  It’s one of my favorite parts of some of my favorite sushi rolls.  If I somehow manage to have avocado in the house but no bananas, I’ll add it to my smoothies.  When I found out in culinary school that I was going to learn how to make real guacamole, I was super excited!

I’m not going to tell you some super long story before I give you the recipe (promise) but I will say this. Continue reading

Babies Are Expensive But So Is Pregnancy


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You always hear about how expensive babies are.  Hundreds of dollars a week or two in diapers and formula.  They grow like weeds and you’re constantly having to buy them new clothes because the clothes you bought last week don’t fit them anymore.  You know what you DON’T hear about?  How expensive pregnancy is.

Don’t get me wrong…I have had it pretty easy.  As a Veteran, the VA is covering all of my medical expenses as well as providing me with coupons to get discounts on basic necessities and a breast pump (apparently a really good one from what I’ve been told).  I am also very lucky in the fact Continue reading