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For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook or Instagram, I got engaged at the end of April right before my birthday.  I was not expecting it but I was hoping for it.  I was flooded with emotion and I cried.  I FaceTimed my mom (who said she knew and had been anxiously waiting) and then my dad (who said we should go somewhere like Jamaica like he and my stepmom did).

Suddenly I realized that my body doesn’t look anything near what I want it to when I walk down the aisle.  I currently weigh and look very much like I did 9 years ago when I got married and I am not okay with that.  I remember looking back at my pictures and seeing a smile but knowing that I hated what I saw.

That is not happening again!
For the better part of the last year and a half I’ve been dealing with back pain on some level and I have allowed that to effect my eating habits and I quickly reverted back to the terrible ones I had before I was introduced to 21 Day Fix in October 2014.  Now we don’t have a date set yet but I need to get a handle on this clean eating thing now and what better time than to do it while my fiance is away for work!

Ultimate Reset Image

He leaves on Wednesday and I have decided to challenge myself and to Beachbody Ultimate Reset (for more info click HERE).  Instead of starting when he leaves, I’m starting on 7/6 and here are the reason’s why:

♦My mom is coming to town on 6/30 and we have reservations for brunch on 7/2 and the food is so good and the mimosa are incredible and frankly I don’t want to sabotage myself.

♦I need to work on my meal planning and prepping.  I already have it written in my planner to meal plan on Wednesdays, grocery shop on Saturdays, and prep on Sundays.

♦Lastly, I start classes on 7/11.  This will be my biggest test.  A lot of the weight I’ve gained recently was due to my lack of willpower to avoid the sweet treats that I made in my Baking & Pastry class this last quarter.  This quarter I will be taking American Regional and Asian cuisines.  I already have a friend and fellow coach that knows I’m doing this and will be making sure that I don’t eat anything in those classes during the reset (although a lot of the recipes are Asian inspired so I might get to take a nibble in my Asian class).

Walking and light yoga are all that are advised as far as working out during the reset which will be very weird for me.  I plan to share my meal plans, my shopping lists and my meal prep here as well as my life post reset.

I hope that you will take a second to click on that little follow button.  No worries if you don’t have an account, you can enter your email address and you’ll be emailed whenever I update my blog.  I’ll share my favorite recipes and give some feedback on what I like and don’t like during the program.  I’ll share my before pics, weight and measurements and vow to stay away from the scale and measuring tape until day 22 (did I not mention that this is only a 21 day program?).  I’ll take pics at the end of every week.  My weeks will be Wednesday – Tuesday but be patient with me because Tuesdays will be my long days at school (up at 4:30am, out the door by 5:15am, classes from 7am – 5pm, and hopefully home by 7pm).