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I am still in the process of reading the whole guide book but I wanted to get my meal plan typed up and printed so I could put it in my notebook.  I bought this notebook to help keep me accountable.  This is where I plan to make my meal plans, draft my grocery lists, detail out my prep.

The strange thing is that I know that I need to plan and prep to make my life easier because I have experienced it.  As a culinary student, we have to come prepared to class in uniform, recipes written, have everything we need in our knife kit, and we have to “mise en place” or get everything in it’s place.  For my final last week, I chopped and measured all of my ingredients and was able to go to the stove and knock out my dishes in no time…because I was prepared!


Is it really possible to read this cover and NOT be inspired?

So here’s the deal.  My plan.  Inside this notebook I will be taping in my meal plan on one page and my shopping list on the next page.  That way they will be side by side (I’m still working on making any adjustments to the shopping list to fit my needs).  The following pages will include what I can prep on Sunday, what can be prepped the night before and the morning of.  It sounds like a lot of work and I’m sure it will make me feel overwhelmed at first but once I get into a good rhythm I know I can keep it going.

After I finish the Ultimate Reset I already know that I’ll have a few days off before I start PiYo but having the meal guide for that NOW will allow me to meal plan (with a different layout than my UR guide) ahead of time so I can stick with my schedule.

Meal Plan – here is the Excel document that I created for the Ultimate Reset.  The numbers in parenthesis correspond to page numbers in my guide book that the recipes are on.

I have also purchased my planner for the next year (7/2016 – 6/2017) and have already scheduled the following:

Wednesdays – Meal Plan Day
Saturdays – Grocery Shopping Day
Sundays – Meal Prep Day

I go to school Monday, Tuesday and Thursday so these days seemed fitting.  I should note that Meal Plan Day will include:

Creating meal plan for the week
Draft shopping list
Edit shopping list
Create my prep schedule (for Sunday, night before, day of)

You might notice that I have draft shopping list and edit shopping list.  I will explain more on that in my next post when I share the shopping list to go with this meal plan!