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I just spent the last few days with my mom.  Too short of a trip in my book.  She arrived on Thursday late afternoon and we were out the door by 7am today to head to the airport.  I didn’t take a lot of pics while she was here because I just wanted to soak up my mommy time since I haven’t seen her in over a year.

My plan was to get breakfast, drop Mom off at the Baltimore airport and drive directly to the grocery store.  I decided to come straight home.  I conveniently forgot my shopping list at home and legit forgot my water bottle and was dying of thirst.  I sat down and felt sad for a couple of hours.  I was home alone for a week when my mom got here and now I still have a little ways to go before my fiance comes home.

I did my last official workout with Beachbody on Demand.It was a strength workout.  Hammer Power from The Master’s Hammer & Chisel was the CDJ for today.  I showered, then putzed around the house for too long doing nothing and being unproductive.  I spent almost 1.5 hours at the grocery store because my shopping list is not very organized.  I still have a few things left to get but I didn’t feel like going to another store when I got home after 7:15pm.

All that I prepped today is what is pictured below.  It’s not much at all but it’s at least something right?

The top left is my water.  I filled both jugs with a measured out gallon of water (that’s 128oz) instead of just eyeballing it.  Then I measured out 1/4 tsp of the mineralize (that came in my box…and is a fancy name for Himalayan Sea Salt) into each jug.  Instead of trying to drink and cook from one jug throughout the day I decided to dedicate one to drinking and one to cooking.

Top right is my salad dressings for this week.  The tall stack is 4 servings of a basic vinaigrette (minus some fresh herbs…because I didn’t want to chop any) and the small stack is 2 servings of a Greek dressing (minus some fresh herbs…see reason above and also it was supposed to be blended in the blender but there wasn’t enough).

Bottom right are my supplements for tomorrow.  I take #1 when I wake up, #2 at least 2 hours after breakfast, #3 at least 2 hours after lunch and #4 at least 2 hours after my snack.

Bottom left is a little to-do list for tomorrow.  I meant to take my weight and measurements today (and before pics…forgot about those) and then we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Gotta add pics to the weigh in and measurements.

Not pictured is my schedule for my workout.  I believe I referenced workouts in Countdown to Ultimate Reset being either walking or light yoga.  I have a yoga app on my iPad and one of the programs is a 14 minute beginner program called Sun Salutation for Wellness.  I have it scheduled into my SuperGym in my Team Beachbody account to do it every morning (except Tuesdays when I’m up at 4:30am and Thursdays when I’m up at 5:30am for school…unless I actually get up and give myself enough time to knock it out…otherwise I’ll do it those days when I get home from school).  I should be able to do it between taking my supplements and making breakfast.  I need at least 30 minutes from the time I take my supplements to when I should eat.

Pre Reset Prep Day 0

Starting tomorrow I will be sharing daily the following things:

My meals and snacks for the day (with pictures)
How I’m feeling
My emotional level (apparently I might feel a little crazy around days 3-5)
Every Wednesday I’ll share my shopping and prep list (I’ve already shared my whole meal plan here)
Saturdays I will try to remember to take a pic of my shopping haul and how I store everything
Sundays I will take pics and share my prep for the week

My third week will be a little different.  I will be traveling for 3 days which means I need to fully prep and make all 3 meals for all 3 days to take on the road with me.

I am off to bed and am eager to get started tomorrow!