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The only thing not pictured was my snack which was 6oz of mineralized water with 1/2 scoop of vegan chocolate Shakeology.

Day 1 had some hiccups.
I still had a few items that I needed to pick up from the store so I went between breakfast and lunch but let’s rewind a little bit.

Breakfast was supposed to be 2 eggs, 1.5 cups steamed spinach and 1 piece of dry whole wheat toast.  While my mom was here we had it calculated out that the eggs I had plus some that we bought would leave me with 4 eggs when she left.  We miscalculated somewhere because I only had 3.  I scrambled all 3 eggs together and then I weighed them and divided them in half.

I also didn’t steam my spinach.  I used a clean, dry, non stick frying pan and did a dry saute.  Believe it or not, I don’t own a toaster.  I used to…but when you start smelling an electrical burning smell every time you use it, it’s time to toss it.  We just don’t eat a lot of toast so we just haven’t gotten around to replacing it.

Lunch was a microgreen salad with a basic vinaigrette and miso soup.  The miso soup was a little bland, had way too much of the wakame, and (call me crazy) I missed the little tofu chunks that are normally in there.  The only deviation I had was that the recipe called for some red bell pepper and that wasn’t on the shopping list so I didn’t get it.

Dinner was supposed to be a 6oz piece of salmon with asparagus and boiled baby potatoes.  If you caught my Day 0 post then you saw that I had filled two 1 gallon jugs of water and added mineralize to each.  1 was to be for drinking and the other for cooking.  Well I forgot to use it for boiling the potatoes and felt it would be a waste to use it to steam the asparagus.  I’m sure that is much more asparagus than I was supposed to have but the veg that I bought Tuesday was already getting slimy and soft on Wednesday night (I was a little pissed) and I wasn’t supposed to eat any the rest of the week.  I didn’t eat all of it but I did eat most of it.  The salmon is actually 2 small fillets that equal out to be a little less than 6oz.  I’m not a huge fan of cooked salmon so I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it but surprisingly I enjoyed it a lot!

I did have some issues throughout the day.  I was reading a lot about the timing.  If you noticed in my meal plan before each meal there are supplements and there are general guidelines between meals and supplements.  For example, when I wake up tomorrow morning, I will take my supplements, drink some water and then 30 minutes later I will eat breakfast.  At least 2 hours after that is when I can take my next supplements, drink some water, wait 30 minutes and eat lunch, etc.

I now have alarms set to see if I can get into a good groove.  This will obviously be adjusted somehow when I start school next week but this is what I have so far:

7:30am – Wake up, drink some water and take supplements
8:00am – Eat breakfast
11:30am – Drink some water and take supplements
12:00pm – Eat lunch
2:00pm – Drink some water and take supplements
2:30pm – Snack time
5:00pm – Drink some water and take supplements
5:30pm – Eat dinner
**Fit Tip**Schedule out your meals and snacks will remind you to eat several times a day and can help avoid over eating at meal times.  You can also do this with your fitness.  I have my workouts scheduled and written down from now until the end of September.**

Yesterday I felt hungry all day.  The salad at lunch and the dinner made me feel really full but not more than a half hour later I was hungry.  I was drinking a lot of water, more than my body was used to and ended up with a headache.  I broke down and tried one square of Dove dark chocolate and ended up taking some Excedrine.  I’m supposed to try and avoid taking medications unless they are prescription but with my migraine history and my last headache lasting over a week, I didn’t want to take any chances.  Oh and I napped a lot.  I just couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I think I was still very emotionally drained from having my mom leave but I realized in a convo with my fiancé last night that we have 2 weeks until he graduates and I get to see him!

Since I still have a few hours before bed, I will work on my pics that I took during my prepping and work on a post later tonight.  I think since I drink water until I go to bed, my goal will be to post the next day about the day before (does that make sense?).