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Day 2
I managed to snap a picture of everything and today was a little better but not flawless.
First thing when I woke up this morning was realize that I suck at getting up in the morning and it took me 20 minutes to get out of bed, drink some water and take my first set of supplements.  I did try to stick to my alarms from breakfast on though.

Breakfast was oatmeal with fresh blueberries and 1/2 cup Greek yogurt.  I made a few changes.  I used quick cooking oats because it’s what I had on hand (and almost a full container of).  I added a little almond extract to the oatmeal to give it a little more flavor because it wasn’t sweetened with anything.  The yogurt got a little vanilla extract.  The meal plan says I can sweeten it with pure maple syrup or raw honey.  I have maple syrup and honey but not pure and raw (respectively).

Lunch was huge!  3 cups of salad greens and 3oz of grilled chicken.  My modifications were simple.  I batch made the dressing but because I only needed 2 servings I didn’t have enough to puree even in my single serving Ninja cups so I just blended it as best as I could by hand.  I also had a chicken breast that was way bigger than 3oz and I wasn’t going to waste the charcoal for grilling just that one piece so I baked it with a little Himalayan salt and the tiniest drop of coconut oil to keep it from sticking to the baking dish.

My snack is seriously going to become my favorite treat every day!  I have my vegan chocolate Shakeology in 6oz of mineralized water about 30 minutes after I choke down the power greens.  I found a thread in a Facebook group with people having issues with the power greens.  One person said that they suck on a lime and another said a lemon.

Y’all this stuff is seriously gross but I think I have mastered the take down of it.  Mix it with the minimum amount of water which is 4oz.  While you would think that more water would make it thinner and easier to get down…it’s worse!  Suck on a lime, swig 1/2 of the liquid, suck on a lime (or two in this case b/c they were thin), chug the last half and suck on a lime (or two).  Definitely went down a lot easier.

Dinner was really good!  I don’t think I measured out the rice and beans correctly because there was so much that there is no WAY it would ever fit in just 1 corn tortilla.  I know I shouldn’t have but I added a 2nd tortilla because I had an extra one left over from veggie crumble tacos (while my mom visited).  I also may have added a little hot sauce because I mean you can’t have a taco without hot sauce.  I also couldn’t find the containers of pico de gallo at the store and didn’t feel like making it for 2 tablespoons so I bought some mild fresh salsa because it’s practically the same thing.

I did better with my water.  Drank more than my daily amount of 71 ounces but I slowed down how frequently I drank it and I didn’t get a headache but I did have a piece of chocolate again.  I also did really well with sticking to my alarms instead of setting the timer for after I took my supplements or ate my food.  I felt a lot fuller and I wasn’t hungry all day like I was on day 1.  I did start to feel a little sluggish but I knew that was coming so I was ready for it!