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I did not get my entire prep list done for this week all in one day.  I did it over a couple of days but mostly on day 1.  So what did I do?

W1 Prep

I made the lentils for the lentil-lime salad as well as prepping the salads and the dressings, keeping the two separate.  I have the salad on day 3 and 4 for lunch.  I slightly overcooked the lentils and about half of them got a little mushy.  I packaged them up with their own post-it labeling the day and meal and anything it goes with and anything left to do.  In this case, the salad needs to be dressed about 2 hours before lunch so it can marinate.

I made 3 microgreen salads for the rest of the week.  Each salad gets one of the basic vinaigrette servings that I made on day 0.  All packaged and labeled with the day and meal and what it is served with.  For example, along with the lentil-lime salad on day 3 there is also a microgreen salad with 2 tablespoons of toasted pumpkin seeds.

I made almost 3 servings of brown rice (because that’s all the rice I had left).  That was really too easy because I just added the mineralize water to my rice cooker and let it go while I continued to prep.  The rice is being used in several dishes.  The nori sushi rolls for dinner on day 3 and lunch day 4, rice and beans for the veggie taco for dinner on day 2, some stir fry for dinner day 5 and a little with dinner on day 7.  Should be plenty!

I roasted some pumpkin seeds in the oven.  I get to add these little gems to my microgreen salads and they add the little crunch that seems to be missing.  I roasted the entire bag and once they cooled, I put them back in the bag because it is a zip top bag.

The final thing that I prepped was the black beans.  The veggie taco recipe called for 1/2 a can of black beans but guess what!  I have a ton of dried black beans.  I soaked about 1/2 cup in some hot water for about 15 minutes.  After draining them I added them to a small pot and covered them with mineralize water.  I added just a little more Himalayan salt and brought them to a boil, reduce the heat, covered and simmered for about 35 minutes until they were tender.  I did have to add a little more water about half way though to keep them from burning and turning to mush (I had that happen to me in my Latin class last quarter).

There are only a few items that I have left that I might work on tomorrow but that will depend on my energy levels as I also have to try and mow the lawn and go grocery shopping for week 2.