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Life happens kids!  Let’s face it.  I fell hard!  The book said that I would be emotional and lack energy (hence the radio silence for a week).  On day 3, Friday 7/8, I was speaking with a representative with Veteran’s Affairs trying to get info about how I can continue my education once my GI Bill runs out in 6 months (I have no degree and long story short this is what happens when you try for almost 10 years to get a degree in one field and after sever attempts at a couple of schools, you switch career fields).  The program that I was told I could use looks like I won’t actually be able to use it.  It is based off of my service connected disability.  The gentleman I spoke with said that if he was assigned my case, he wouldn’t approve me.  My shoulder is my service connected disability and based on the VA’s description of the area, he said that he couldn’t approve me for culinary school.
It does sound like I could get approved for the bachelor’s program for hotel management and hospitality or whatever it’s called.  Anyway, I got a little off topic.  I ended getting so frustrated and the next thing I know I’m crying.  He asked me why I was crying and I had to explain to him that I am doing this detox cleanse that has my hormones all out of wack.  Then he understood.

Now before I start getting into the break down of my days, I also had a mini melt down on day 5, Sunday 7/10.  I looked myself in the mirror and told myself to quit.  I was only torturing myself and for what?  I know that I am doing this because I’m getting married (date still TBD) and I want to feel good about the skin that I am in but in the moment I had tunnel vision.  I was hungry, I was angry, I had this sinking feeling that it would be like the first time I did the 3 Day Refresh (I lost no pounds, no inches and felt like I was starving the entire time and was so disappointed).  But I’m still going strong!

Let’s break it down!
Breakfast was supposed to be 2 eggs (I had 1.5, see Day 1 for explanation), 1.5 cups steamed spinach (I dry sautéed it), and 1 slice of whole grain wheat toast (I used Ezekiel bread).  This is a breakfast that I would eat normally anyway except I would add hot sauce to the eggs and scramble the spinach with the eggs.

Lunch was a Lentil-Lime salad and a microgreen salad with 2 tablespoons of toasted pumpkin seeds.  The lentils were overcooked a little so they were kind of mushy.  There was too much lime juice for my liking in the dressing.  It was too tart.  I added the pumpkin seeds to the salad again and it was lacking the crunch that I had before with the 1/3 cup.

I fell asleep after lunch.  I had no energy and I kept hitting my snooze button for the Power greens (supplement #3).  I finally took it and it only set me back about a half hour.  I also enjoyed my vegan chocolate Shakeology even if it is only half a scoop in 6 ounce of water!

Dinner was interesting.  Nori Rolls with smoky tempeh, Japanese cucumber salad and miso soup.  I substituted smoky tofu for the tempeh because I couldn’t find the smoky tempeh.  Apparently that isn’t an okay substitute but I didn’t know that and I used what I had on hand.  I forgot the cucumber salad needed to marinate before dinner for an hour.  It didn’t get 1 hour but it marinaded while I made the rolls.  I don’t have a sushi mat so I had to make the rolls with just my hands.  It was tough but I managed.  They weren’t pretty but they tasted good.  I also made a second roll that wrapped better that was for lunch the next day.

Dusty and I went for a walk and I finished the last two pieces of Dove dark chocolate squares that I had.  No more temptation!

Breakfast was 3/4 cup of plain yogurt with either 1 teaspoon pure maple syrup or a pinch of stevia and fresh fruit plate.  I added the fruit on top of my yogurt and used no sweetener.

Lunch was nori roll and lentil-lime salad.  The roll was tighter than dinner the night before.  I still think that there is too much lime juice in the dressing for the salad and it’s not my favorite.

I found in a thread on FB that people were taking their power greens with lemon or lime.  It’s definitely helping to get it down but it’s still gross and smells bad!

Dinner was Veggie stir-fry, cucumber tomato salad, 3/4 cup of quinoa and 1 serving of nori gomasio.  The stir-fry was good but missing the red bell pepper because it wasn’t on the shopping list.  This was also my first time making quinoa and it turned out good!  I liked the salad also.  I 86’d the nori gomasio because I didn’t make it.  It sounds simple enough to make but I just haven’t done it.

I noticed a few breakouts on my face.  I also decided to mow the lawn that morning and had zero energy the rest of the day.  I ended the day with a very mild headache.

Breakfast was farina with walnuts, green apple and maple syrup.  As I said, farina is the same as cream of wheat and I used regular maple syrup since I don’t have pure maple syrup.  I love cream of wheat and will eat it even as a snack so I’ll be adding this to my recipe bank!

Lunch was huge!  I did make a mistake.  I didn’t know the quinoa salad needed 2-3 hours to marinate.  It got about 45 minutes.  I also had 1/2 cup of hummas which is a lot and I didn’t like that much.  I didn’t have any of the other veg so I had about 15 baby carrots with it.  I was so full and 1/2 cup of hummas is too much (plus I’m not the biggest hummas fan…).

Dinner was stir-fry veggies again (minus the red bell pepper).  It was great with the brown rice.  I also had miso soup.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love miso soup but having 2 cups of miso soup as a serving on a day where it was over 90 degrees outside was hard.

I felt a little sore.  I slept wrong and that muscle from the base of my neck down my right shoulder blade is tight.  It was a very emotional and low energy day.

Breakfast was supposed to be Baked Tempeh with steamed spinach and 1/8 of an avocado.  The tempeh was supposed to marinate for 1 hour but got about 40 minutes.  I was so tired that I got up late.  I made a double batch of the tempeh since it is also dinner for the next night.  Instead of steaming the spinach I dry sauteed it again and sliced part of an avocado.  It was okay but by the time I got to the end of the meal I was sick of it.  Eating breakfast so late pushed everything back the rest of the day.

Lunch was quinoa salad and microgreen salad.  Too much salad!  I can’t handle two huge salads in one sitting!  It was making me feel a little sick.

Dinner was interesting.  Roasted Root Medley with zucchini-cashew soup.  The root veggies were delicious.  It was carrots, onions, sweet potato and beets.  So delicious.  I would definitely make it again as a side dish to maybe something like chicken.  The soup, on the other hand, was horrible.  I made 1.5 servings because I only got half a serving of the soup for dinner and the full serving is lunch for the next day.

This was a tough day.  It was the first day of the summer quarter and I was up at 4:45am and didn’t get home until 7pm.  I didn’t manage my meal times well but I think I have it figured out now.

Breakfast was oatmeal with green apple and flaxseeds and 1/2 cup plain yogurt with 1 teaspoon of maple syrup.  I was going to opt out of the syrup but I needed to really sweeten the yogurt a little.  By the time I finished the oatmeal, I was almost full.  Plus plain greek yogurt is as bad as eating spoonfuls of sour cream…it’s just not good.  I finished it but almost made myself sick.

Lunch was more zucchini-cashew soup and a microgreen salad with 1/3 cup of toasted pumpkin seeds.  I spent my entire break between classes trying to choke down the soup.  I didn’t heat it up because the microwave in the student lounge is gross and is never clean.  I got about 2 bites out of my salad before class started.

I did drink my Shakeology close to the time we were getting done with class because I knew I wanted to get home to eat dinner.  I didn’t get home until 7pm so dinner was at 7:30pm.  It was baked tempeh with brown rice and broccoli.  I was so hungry when I got home that I didn’t take a picture of it before I ate it.

Okay now that we’re caught up on Phase 1 being complete I’ll let y’all know that I haven’t taken any measurements but I did weigh in.  I’m not going to share my weekly weigh in until the end.  I wasn’t happy with it but I’m chugging along!