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It’s getting a little easier each day.  I’m still not sure what to expect at the end of each day but it seems to be getting easier.  Today did not start off well at all.
Breakfast was seasoned mashed chickpeas with nori gomasio.  I don’t plan to make the nori gomasio…but maybe I’ll make half a recipe…maybe it will all the difference.  I did not enjoy this breakfast.  I picked the smallest clove of garlic that I could find.  I found it very strange to be adding raw garlic.  I minced it very fine and didn’t even add all of it.  When I did finally ate it before my morning class I found it very pungent and dry even with the lemon and the olive oil.  I was still worried 3 hours later that I was going to kill anyone I spoke to with garlic breath.  I have it again on day 13 for breakfast and I think I’m going to heat the chickpeas and garlic and puree them instead of smashing them with my fork.

Lunch was good.  It was 1/2 a serving of the pinto beans & rice with a microgreen salad, 1/3 cup of toasted pumpkin seeds.  I didn’t have a dressing so I used just a little of a lemon poppy seed vinaigrette and I also was craving some avocado so I added a little to my salad.

Dinner was really good.  Sweet potato & roasted red pepper bisque and roasted asparagus with slivered almonds.  I made a double batch of the bisque because it is lunch the next day.  I don’t have a gas stove or grill so I turned my broiler on high and in about 10 minutes I had a roasted red pepper.  I placed it in a bowl and covered it with plastic and let it sweat about 10 minutes.  The only thing I made adjustment on is that it tells you to take the skin off under cold water but that takes away nutrients and the char flavor you get from roasting the pepper.  The pepper really was the star of the soup.  It was delicious.

I don’t know that my water intake was really under so much as I couldn’t remember if I logged everything as I drank it.  I’m feeling a little foggy.