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I fell off the blog-wagon in keeping up to date while going through the Ultimate Reset.  I failed anyone that was actually reading to see how I was doing.

I lost almost 10 pounds and several inches but shortly after completing it, I fell back into old ways…old eating habits…and gained back the 10 pounds and more.  I failed to maintain my results.
I completed my first workout program PiYo since the Ultimate Reset with the goal to sit down and meal plan, shop and prep every week.  That lasted the first month and then I failed to continue.  The little bit of weight that I lost the first 4 weeks of the program came back and then some.


I will fail no more (or at least I don’t plan to…lol…see what I did there?).

My next program starts Monday as does my Fall Quarter of Culinary School.  I will be doing Focus T25 with my fiance.  We may not physically workout at the same time but we’re going to do the same program and we’re going to eat by the Portion Fix container system.  One of the things I had a hard time with using the meal planning section of the TBB website was that it was supposed to generate a shopping list based off of the meals but was always missing things or would have extra items that didn’t belong anywhere in any of the recipes so I was having to go through each meal and make a shopping list, making adjustments for my fiance not having Shakeology for breakfast, me not eating dinner on certain nights because of class, etc.  It took forever and I just didn’t want to do it anymore…so I stopped and failed to plan.

To avoid that happening again, I will be using the containers to make the meal plans and as we’re both falling into the same calorie bracket it will be easier.

Thursday – Meal Plan.  We each will need 4 Greens (veggies), 3 Purples (fruits), 4 Reds (proteins), 3 Yellows (carbs), 1 Blue (healthy fats), 1 Orange (seeds), and 4 tsp.  I always have a hard time with the orange and the tsp.  I have to keep in mind that any oil I need to cook with will need to be accounted for in the tsp.  I will start with Dinner and work my way backwards.  For my day though I know that my breakfast will always be at least 1 Red (for Shakeology) and 1/2 Yellow (for 8oz of unsweetened almond milk) with the possibility of 1 Green and 1 Purple (if I add Spinach and at least 1 piece of fruit of some kind).  My fiance will be another story as he generally doesn’t eat breakfast…I’ll have to figure that out.

Friday – Create Grocery List.  I always make my shopping list on paper first and then go through my fridge, freezer and cabinets and cross out the items I already have.  Then I type up my shopping list and tape it into my notebook and go shopping.

Saturday – Grocery Shopping.  Items that I know I need in bulk, like chicken, I make a run to Costco but everything else I go to the store down the street…less than a mile away.  I don’t go to any special stores…that’s just out of the way in my opinion and wastes more gas than I am willing to do.

Sunday – Meal Prep.  Things that I know I can make in advance I will.  Rice can be made in advance.  Veggies and some fruit can be cut up and packaged ahead of time.  Salads can be portioned out.  Chicken can be baked or at least thawed out and marinated or seasoned.  Snacks can be made and packaged.

As long as I stick to this plan I will end Focus T25 with incredible results.  We haven’t set a wedding date yet but I know how I want to look and feel on my wedding day and how I want to look and feel for the annual coach conference in July.

I have goals people and I am looking for anyone who wants to join me.  Anyone that wants to get their life in shape, work towards a goal, wants to learn how to meal plan or needs tips on how and what to prep ahead of time, I want you to join me.  Comment on this post, message me on Facebook, click contact me, or fill out this form.