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It’s been a long time now that I have been days without headaches or migraines.  I am now seven days since I got my daith pierced and with only two late night tension headaches (the front of my head and behind my eyes…I really need to find my glasses) that did not last very long, I have been headache free!  I could not be more happy!
The overall pain is gone and now the only pain left is when I first move the piercing in the morning when it is partially scabbed.  I have a little difficulty cleaning the hoop because I cannot actually see the pierced area (does that make sense).  I can feel it when I clean with a Q-Tip but I cannot see the hole.

I have been avoiding doing things that tend to bring on my headaches.  Fast movements and whatnot.  There’s some dance moves that I haven’t been able to do because I can’t whip my head without getting a little headache.  Even before my piercing, I had to tell my fiance that he had to be careful with my head.  I would lean in to give him a kiss and he kind of pushes his head towards me.  He’s kind of head butted me and hurt my nose or given me a headache.  He’s a little aggressive sometimes with his kisses and can kind of rattle my head and it can cause headaches.

I have also been trying this new sleep spray that you spray on your pillow before you go to sleep.  It has valerian and lavender to help promote better sleep.  I included a link to Ulta with the spray because that is where I bought it.  It’s a slightly different bottle design than the one I purchased but it’s the same thing.  So far, I love the smell and I have slept very well the last two nights.

Now I am off to get my workout done and finish laundry and clean some more.  I will keep y’all updated on the headache front!