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Do I look happy?

Do I look happy?

Three weeks ago I got my daith pierced to see how it would help with my migraines.  Didn’t catch that post?  Check it out here.  I know that I’ve talked about it openly in person and on social media but I’m not certain that I’ve talked about it much here.

I’ve searched for a specific term and was trying to see if there is a percentage but so far I can’t find anything.  I said it a few weeks ago in the blog post I linked above, my body processes out medications before they can work so I took the leap, I spent $60 and got my daith pierced.

I have had a few mild headaches and the last couple of days I’ve had some sinus pressure in my cheek and eye area but no full blown headaches!  YEAH!!!

I couldn’t be happier!  I’m ready for the healing process to be done!  It hurts to move the piercing about five minutes after I’ve cleaned it but the pain is very quick.  So far I am a great advocate of this piercing!  I’ll be trying to keep a tally of the headaches and I’ll make another report in a month but as of now…I say I’m good!