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It’s Friday morning.  I’m in my workout gear.  I’ve finished my Energize pre-workout drink and waiting for it to kick in.  The website is having some issues pulling up my workout and I’m inching closer to having to leave for my appointment so I decided to write instead and I’ll do my workout when I get home.

I have finished my first week of Winter quarter.  I talked with my financial adviser and got great news!
After my initial calculations I figured that my Spring quarter would cost me about $3500 if everything was estimated at the higher end of the spectrum (you know…like books cost between $50 and $100…that kind of thing).  He initially scared me saying that I wouldn’t get any more from my Pell Grant (which was a mistake…I have one more installment coming).  When all is said and done I’m looking at about $2400!  That’s BIG!!!

Before I knew that I did in fact have one more installment of my Pell Grant coming to me I thought that would wipe me out and leave me with about $800 in my savings account.  I was scared.  I use the rest of my GI Bill this quarter so next quarter is all on me.  I will be back to having no income with the exception of my disability (which will cover my minimum credit card payment and my cell phone bill).  I’m not ever sure if I’ll be able to work as a student worker because I don’t think I’m going to have the money to get to and from the school more than for my classes.

I’m going to start putting my paychecks as a student worker onto my metro card this quarter so that I can build up the balance and hopefully not have to add much to it for next quarter.  I don’t really want to have to get a job before I graduate but I might have to.

I would love for my coaching business to really start to take off so I won’t have to.  I have big goals for my business.  I might have to really start to sacrifice my sleep, even though I really love my sleep and need my sleep, to get this business going.  In order to really supplement my income I need to make over $3000 a month which is totally doable but I need to reach out into my cold market and I’m not sure how to do that.  A lot of the feedback that I’ve been getting on Instagram are coming from people who are already coaches.  While I love supporting other coaches and following them on their journey, I have a hard time looking outside of the box!

I have a lot of think about and work on.  I have some ideas of things that I want to do and need to do and I think a good quality sit down is needed with my coach coming up here pretty soon!