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We all have goals every year.  We tend to make them on 12/31 or 1/1 and call them RESOLUTIONS right?  I don’t make resolutions because no one ever actually follows through with them!

Okay…maybe saying “no one” is a little harsh but a lot of people make resolutions and a lot of people fail to keep them or achieve them.

“I’m going to get a gym membership and start working out.”  Person goes out and gets a membership (a super awesome deal because it’s January!), goes a few days after they purchase the membership, then maybe a couple more days throughout February and then it becomes a recurring payment that you don’t even remember and just continue to pay (Side note: I have a friend that has had a membership to a gym for 4 years and every January she remembers and says to herself that she needs to cancel the membership and then forgets).

If you’re like me, you have goals that don’t necessarily have to do with working out right?  Oh my gosh…did this online health and fitness coach just say that her goals DON’T include working out?!?  You’re right…I did say that.  That is because working out is part of my daily habit and routine.  It is something that I schedule out at least 21 days out (depending on how long the program is, it can be upwards of 90 days).  I know what my workouts are going to be each and every day.

Here are a few of my goals:
*Build my team
*Be a Diamond Coach by qualifying date for Summit Recognition
*Be a 2 Star Diamond Coach by 12/31/17
*Eliminate my credit card debt by 10/31/17
*Marry my best friend (this will happen but we’re waiting on orders to see if we have to move…so it’s hard to put a time frame on this just yet)
*Take a vacation!
*Start Personal Chef Business after graduation
*Start a Bachelor’s program in Hospitality field

I know what my goals are but I’m not sure of all the exact steps that I need to do in order to reach those goals.  Starting February 1st I am running a FREE group to help you and me work towards achieving our goals!  This will be a group ran on Facebook but I am willing to open it up to those without Facebook to join via email.  Click here to go to the Facebook Event page.  You must possess a copy of the book and prove it to me in order to be added to the group.  If you do not have Facebook, fill out this contact form to be added to the list!