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It is no secret that I am a planner.  I don’t like to “wing it” on most things.  We’ll “wing it” when we go the Renaissance Fair or when we go to the Beer Festival in a couple weeks.  Those are the types of events that I’m okay with the “wing it” mentality.  There are tons of booths to see and visit.  However I like to have a plan on when to leave to get there and come home and make sure that we have enough to eat in addition to all the drinking.

I NEED to meal plan.  If I don’t have a plan then I won’t eat very well.I’ll be hosting a LIVE webinar every month about how I meal plan, create a shopping and prep list, and how I don’t stress about it!  Follow and LIKE my Facebook page to find out more information.

Not only do I plan my trips and my meals but I also plan out my workouts.  I generally plan out at least what my next workout will be but this time I’ve got myself planned out until July…possibly August!


I am wrapping up 3 Week Yoga Retreat this weekend and I’ve told my challengers in my current group that I’ll be following it up with another round of 21 Day Fix.  I’ve seen fantastic results from 21 Day Fix with I follow the containers very strictly and that’s my plan!  I was on a roll thinking about what the programs that I have access to (which is all of them since I upgraded to Beachbody on Demand All Access) and what I haven’t done yet.

After a weighted workout I like to do one without so I decided that I’m going to do The Next Level CIZE calendar (30 day program).  The Next Level are BOD exclusive workouts that I have never done!  I’m really excited to do this for one reason and that’s because they finally did a workout to a Britney Spears song and I am a huge Britney fan since the day TRL premiered “…Baby One More Time” and I saw this amazing girl not much older than me dancing in a way that I always dreamed to (I should have never quit dancing damn it)!

After CIZE I decided to stick with my soulmate trainer and I’m going to attempt Insanity Max 30 (60 day program).  Max 30 doesn’t use weights but uses your own body weight.  The workouts are 30 minutes long and the point is to go as hard as you can for as long as you can from the second the workout starts.  In Insanity style, each round you do 3 sets getting progressively harder.  There are scheduled breaks throughout the 30 minutes BUT because you are supposed to push as hard as you can, the point is to “max out” before one of those scheduled breaks.  It’s hard and I’ve cried when I’ve tried a couple of workouts but I can’t wait to give it a try!

I’ll be using Insanity Max 30 to get me through my final quarter of school to get out my frustrations and stress!  Without meaning to, this program will actually take me to the end of my quarter and just before my graduation!  Talk about great planning right?!  Originally I was thinking about rolling into another round of the Ultimate Reset.  I was going to do the Challenge Du Jour the week after I finished Max 30 and then start.  It was going to finish the Sunday before I leave for New Orleans for Summit in July.  I thought about it and how I know I could lose about 10 pounds BUT I know what I want to eat while I’m in Nola and I was going to mess up my results big time as well as my gut.

I’ve opted to give Country Heat (30 day program) a try.  I’ve enjoyed the two workouts that I’ve done.  They were a lot of fun and I think it will be perfect after Max 30.  I’ll be breaking it up a little towards the end of the program through.  I’ll have about a week left when I go to New Orleans.  One day I’ll be doing an instructor certification (more news on that to come), two days will be celebrity trainer workouts and then the super workout so I’ll pause for Wednesday – Saturday and pick it back up when I get home Sunday.

The week after I finish Country Heat I’m thinking I might give the Ultimate Reset another go.  I’m slowly working on my fiance to see if he will do it with me (make meal prep so much easier).  One of the reasons he will probably struggle with is that you can’t do any heavy workouts.  He’s a weight lifter and I don’t know if he’ll be okay with taking 4 weeks off.  The program is 21 days but it says to wait about a week afterwards as you reintroduce foods back into your diet before you go back to your regular workouts.  I have the recipes and guide so I’m going to give it to him and have him read through it.  If he agrees then I’ll get our kits together in two separate orders so I can afford it.  If he says no then I’ll have to stick to my guns and tell him that for 3 weeks he will have to do his own grocery shopping and meal prepping.

If you would like any more information about my meal planning webinar, about Beachbody on Demand or any of the programs I’ve mentioned, fill out this application for more info!