I love to write.  I really do.  I was told once to stay away from doing it professionally so I never really tried.  I’ve kept blogs over the years using it like an online diary mostly.  I used it as a place to vent about roommates back in the day…honestly can’t remember what it was call but it’s no longer available.  I have a blog on Blogspot that I haven’t written on in a few years because I left them to come here.

Why am I telling you this?  I don’t know who is actually reading this anyway BUT I really want to start writing more.  I want to start sharing more.  I want to start writing multiple times a week but I don’t know what to share.  What do you, my readers, want me to share?

Do you want recipes?  Do you want meal prepping tips?  Do you want “How To” posts?  Do you want linked videos as well as images and/or text?  Please help me out because right now I’m at a loss.