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I remember it clear as day.

November 7th, we were sitting on the couch that evening watching something on tv when we got an email from one of the officiants in the county saying that she had availability to marry us on Saturday, November 11th.  We were so excited!  We got the date that we wanted.  We both have terrible memories so we figured a date like 11/11 would be easy to remember.  Plus it’s Veteran’s Day…I’m a vet and he’s active duty…seems so perfect right!

We had been trying but not really trying to get pregnant for several months.  I knew that having been on birth control for years that it could take some times.  My cycle was regularly irregular.  I came off my birth control early/mid July.  I had my period in June, August, and October but nothing in July or September.  That was pretty consistent over the years.  I told my soon-to-be husband that just because I was buying a pregnancy test didn’t mean that I had any hopes of it being positive.

On Wednesday, the 8th, I went to work, came home and decided to pee on that little stick.  My period (if it was actually going to show up) was only 3 days late and going by previous 5 months I was due to skip this month anyway right?

Well there was a plus sign on the test.  I handed it to him and he instantly took a picture.  I said, “What are you doing?”  He said, “I’m sending this to my friend.”  I told him that it was too soon because I was literally days since my missed period and was only 2-3 weeks along.  He still sent it…punk!  I ran to the pharmacy down the street and bought another test to take in the morning and while I was doing that, I called and told my mom.

Holy shit was that the biggest secret that either of us has ever kept.

Our wedding ceremony was super tiny.  Only 3 of our friends came.  It was quick…we were done in maybe 20 minutes.  We went out for dinner after and then everyone came back to our house and we played Cards Against Humanity for hours.  It was hard to pass up drinking since I really wanted to celebrate with a single glass of wine with my husband but I had been battling flu like symptoms the last several weeks, not just almost morning sickness stuff and was able to use that as my excuse.

I waiting to tell my immediate family until I was 8 weeks and confirmed with my OBGYN that I was pregnant and saw my little peanut for the first time.  Then when I made it to the 12 week mark and heard the heart beat, I knew my chances of miscarriage were down so I told everyone else.

I also got the blood test done to determine the sex because I was afraid of the baby not exposing themselves during the ultrasound.  When my sister had her youngest, the doctor told her that she was having a little girl…and she had a boy.  One of my coworkers said that his son was never in a position where they could tell if it was a boy or girl so they had the blood test done.  My results came back and we’re having a girl!

Name will be announced when she is born!