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I got hit with morning sickness on the daily.  I’m very confident that I also got a combo of morning sickness and the flu because I was down and out so much that I ended up using all of my PTO.

Something that most people talk about happening AFTER you have your baby is that you can expect to pee your pants whenever you cough, sneeze, laugh, or jump.  What these people DON’T tell you is that this starts during pregnancy.  I was peeing my pants almost every time I threw up.  However I learned a quick trick that came in real handy for me.
I always hated how small my bathroom was.  I literally have only inches between my toilet and my tub.  What I discovered when my morning sickness was almost at it’s peek was that if I sat on the edge of my tub, I was at just the right angle and I didn’t pee all over myself!

This little trick, however, does me absolutely no freaking good when I sneeze at work, cough on the train, or laugh while I’m on the phone.  **FUN FACT: crossing your legs doesn’t help and even if it did, once that belly starts to grow, you can’t cross your legs anymore.**

I also had read and heard of people who got heartburn and acid reflux while they were pregnant but they never talked about how miserable it is!  I don’t have heartburn but once my morning sickness started to fade, it was replaced with acid reflux.  All day, every day, I have this feeling in the base of my throat like one good cough is going to make me puke.  I think I’ve only actually thrown up two or three times because of acid reflux and the worst was the last time a couple of weeks ago.

I was trying to fall asleep as best as I could while practically sitting up straight.  About an hour or so after I fell asleep, I woke up coughing.  It’s always a sweet taste in the base of my throat.  I tried to keep it down like usual and the next thing I knew I was almost projectile vomiting all over my laptop and wall on my side of the bed.  I hobbled into the bathroom with enough time to lose my dinner in the sink.  As if this hasn’t been TMI enough, while I was throwing up hard, I couldn’t get myself into a good spot on my tub and proceeded to pee all over myself and the floor.  Finally, towards the end, I was able to swing my butt into the tub and pee in the tub.

**WORD OF ADVICE: If you don’t already have one, get one of those microfiber type bath mats for in front of your toilet because if you end up having an episode like me, you’ll be thankful that you don’t have to clean pee off the floor while you’re half asleep and miserable**