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You always hear about how expensive babies are.  Hundreds of dollars a week or two in diapers and formula.  They grow like weeds and you’re constantly having to buy them new clothes because the clothes you bought last week don’t fit them anymore.  You know what you DON’T hear about?  How expensive pregnancy is.

Don’t get me wrong…I have had it pretty easy.  As a Veteran, the VA is covering all of my medical expenses as well as providing me with coupons to get discounts on basic necessities and a breast pump (apparently a really good one from what I’ve been told).  I am also very lucky in the fact I haven’t had any complications that could cause medical bills and whatnot to sky rocket.  Like I said though, I’m lucky that even if that did arise, the VA would cover it.  What no one talks about is how much money you’ll spend while pregnant.

I have always had a very limited budget for buying clothes.  I buy the basics when my former basics blow out.  Case and point…last year I had one pair of jeans that fit.  While I was working at school, I pulled my pants up (stretchy skinny jeans, btw) and got down into a squat to lift a big bin full of bags of different nuts to put into the freezer.  I had my earbuds in, listening to a podcast or something and just had a feeling that my pants had ripped.  I stood up, reached between my legs and discovered a 3-4 inch tear just along the inside seam of my pant leg up at my crotch.  I had to buy new pants.

That was the first time I had purchased new pants in years.  Of all the things I knew would happen with my body growing and changing while I grow this tiny human in my belly, it never even crossed my mind that I was going to have to buy clothes every couple of months.  I’m officially 6 months pregnant today and I’ve purchased at least 6 pairs of pants, I don’t know how many tops, new shoes and bras totally at close to $1000…I don’t think I’ve spent $1000 on clothes in the last 2 years (not counting workout gear).

Then it hit me…I’m still growing…I’ve got 3 more months until I’m due and I’m sure this belly will get bigger.  Then, once she arrives, I’ll have to spend more money to buy more clothes because I’ll be losing weight and won’t have any clothes that fit again!  This will also be during that beginning where we’re going to be spending money like crazy on diapers and whatnot.  You’d think that maternity clothes would be a little cheaper however I did find that a lot of the stuff that I buy for tops are buy 2 get 1 free.