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Over the past 10 plus years, I’ve had many Day 1’s.  I’ve started, restarted, started over, however you want to put it.  This time is different.  “Why is it different this time?” you ask.  My overall health and well being is no longer just about me.  I now have an incredible baby girl that is happy and healthy and I want to set a great example for her by being happy and healthy right along with her!  I want to show her what it is like to believe in yourself and be confident.

With that said, I start my biggest transformation ever today.  #BodyAfterBabyJourney is my hashtag that I will be using across social media (see my latest post on the left side of this site) as I share my day to day life.  My goal is to write a summary of each week and share it here (so make sure you click that Follow button) and share daily things like what I’m eating, how I am feeling, what my “extra credit” is for the day and, of course, milestones that my daughter hits (girlfriend’s bicycle kick game is strong!).

This is my scariest/most vulnerable transformation ever.  At my highest weight before being pregnant I was 158.  I hyperventilated.  I had a breakdown in the truck with my husband (at the time) in the middle of nowhere.  My seat belt had locked on me and I couldn’t reach the hand crank to roll down my window so I could breathe.  I got winded going grocery shopping.  I was terrified that if something didn’t change that I wouldn’t be able to run and play with my children.  My highest pregnancy weight was 210 and that was 6 days before my daughter was born.  Today, my new Day 1 starting weight is 184.5.  While I’m not okay with that, I know that it’s about to get real!

I will not be sharing all of my stats just yet.  Those stats are my before pictures and measurements.  I want to wait to openly share those because I want to be able to see my side by side results and, frankly, I’m not ready to be THAT vulnerable just yet!  If you would like to join me, fill this out and let’s chat!