About Me!



I am on a journey to become a healthier version of me.  I became a Beachbody coach in 2014 to help myself be more accountable to my goals.

Since signing up to be a coach I have suffered some set backs.  I am human like everyone else.  Just a few months after I signed up to be a coach I suffered a slipped disk in my lower back (for the second time) and SI joint pain.  Due to these injuries, I was put on short term disability and lost my job and the discount on our rent (I was working for the company that owned our complex).  I knew that losing my job was coming and I started looking for a new job and a new apartment.  I was lucky and was able to find a job at a chiropractor’s office.

We were able to move into a new place in with less than 7 days notice, I started my new job, was paying off my physical therapy bill (didn’t know what out of network meant) and felt like I was getting back on my feet…that feeling was short lived.  I got home from my VERY FIRST DAY OF WORK and my active duty military fiance (boyfriend at the time) told me that he was transferring two years early!  On my second day of work I come home and find out that he had orders.

In June 2015 we moved across the country from WA to VA.  I spent four months applying for jobs and getting no interviews.  I was gaining weight, losing motivation in my goals and growing my team.  My confidence was going downhill real fast.  In October 2015 I decided to head back to school, culinary school to be exact!  Total career change from my military aviation background.

I started in November and will graduate in June 2017!  Since starting school I suffered another slipped disk with several months of sciatica, been under so much stress that I finished the last month of a quarter with an eye twitch, and have had so many migraines that I can’t count.  I’ve gained more weight and have started to lose my confidence again.  I’m inching closer to my heaviest weight and I am not okay with that.

Not only am I graduating this summer but I am getting married too!  I have an image of myself on my wedding day and have every intention of reaching that goal!

Here I invite you to join me on my journey.  I hope that I can share and inspire you to take the step to start your own journey, whatever that may be!  Please subscribe to be added to my free accountability group on Facebook!


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