Feeling Nostalgic


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It’s Friday morning.  I’m in my workout gear.  I’ve finished my Energize pre-workout drink and waiting for it to kick in.  The website is having some issues pulling up my workout and I’m inching closer to having to leave for my appointment so I decided to write instead and I’ll do my workout when I get home.

I have finished my first week of Winter quarter.  I talked with my financial adviser and got great news! Continue reading

2017 is My Year and Yours Too


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We can all agree that this year has been rough right?  For so many reasons, everyone is ready for 2017.  Whatever your reasons are for wanting to take 2017 by storm, I am with you.  I have a few big events happening this coming year.

I’m getting married (date TBD)
I’m graduating culinary school (June)
I’m heading to New Orleans (July)

With these events in mind, I have some major health goals that I want to achieve. Continue reading

Just Not This Year


In my 32 years of life, there’s only been one other year besides this year that I wasn’t really in the Christmas spirit.  The week before Christmas in 1999, my sophomore year of high school, my great grandpa passed away.  I was numb…but still sentimental.  Grandpa McCaffrey’s passing was very sudden.  He had a blood clot in an inoperable spot in his brain.  For many years (quite possibly my whole life until that point) my parents bought us gifts and put Grandpa’s name on them.

That year, after he died, I was able to open my last present from him in the shape of a hands-free phone.  If you’re around my age then you might know what I’m talking about. Continue reading