What Do You Plan and How Far Out Do You Plan


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It is no secret that I am a planner.  I don’t like to “wing it” on most things.  We’ll “wing it” when we go the Renaissance Fair or when we go to the Beer Festival in a couple weeks.  Those are the types of events that I’m okay with the “wing it” mentality.  There are tons of booths to see and visit.  However I like to have a plan on when to leave to get there and come home and make sure that we have enough to eat in addition to all the drinking.

I NEED to meal plan.  If I don’t have a plan then I won’t eat very well. Continue reading

Getting Back to Me


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I failed!  I failed to complete another round of Core De Force.  I missed a few days in the middle of the program and then I missed the last three days because I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t think I had the strength to actually complete the workouts.

So I failed.  I know that I didn’t put forth the best effort and didn’t get anywhere near the results that I know I could have or should have been able to achieve.  While I’m not happy with myself, I am not going to beat myself up.  It’s okay to fail.  It’s a natural part of life. Continue reading